I thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin. He was professional, knowledgeable, and made great suggestions that helped me make sound decisions.
Mrs. B of Monroeville

Very satisfied and pleased with our meetings. Mark was very helpful and explained in terms I could understand.
Mrs. K of Pittsburgh

My husband and I needed help with our estate planning. Colin saw to it that everything was addressed and taken care of. His patience was appreciated. I would highly recommend The Estate Planning Centers at Coulter & May.
– CR of Monroeville

Your help has made a significant difference in our lives. You have offered us genuine kindness, support, and wisdom. I will be forever grateful.
– RL of Pittsburgh

Professional, competent, and listened to all concerns, thoroughly explained every facet of the trust document, will travel to a convenient location to meet clients, polite and very patient, and quickly responds to calls.
– Mr. & Mrs. R of Pittsburgh

Everything was explain very well, took time to answer questions, sensitive and respectful when discussing personal details and information, and very personable
– JD of Pittsburgh

My business was handled in a professional, courteous, and pleasing manner.
– Ms. P of Monroeville

All personnel were confidential and professional, legal counsel excellent, thorough review with great ideas that we had not previously thought of. Would highly recommend.
– Mr. & Mrs. W of Somerset

I feel confident that my estate is well protected having had EPC advise me on important considerations of which I would otherwise not been aware.
– CB of Irwin

Mark was very personal and very professional. He treated me like we were family. I would recommend Mark to everyone I know.
– DG of Pittsburgh