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Comprehensive Legacy Planning Seminars

Stop waiting, wondering, and wandering!

In our free, revealing seminars, we will explore together how traditional estate planning has been failing American families. Improper estate planning can cause the loss of assets, confusion, waste, delay, financial devastation and resentment within even the closest of families.

Comprehensive Legacy Planning on the other hand, helps you examine not only your financial and non-financial goals and concerns but also the values and legacy you wish to leave behind. With a customized Comprehensive Plan, you can minimize the emotional impact on your family, retain valuable assets, and ensure that your legacy lives on through those you love and future generations.

We will discuss how Comprehensive Legacy Planning ensures that you can:

•    PRESERVE your legacy, values, family heirlooms for future generations!
•    PROTECT your child’s inheritance in case of their own divorce or creditor attack!
•    SAFEGUARD your estate for your family if your surviving spouse remarries!
•    PREVENT the loss of your home or life savings due to a long nursing home stay!
•    PREPARE your children to handle an inheritance!
•    AVOID probate delays and expenses!

We do not currently have any seminars scheduled. However, please feel free to give us a call for a free consultation!