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Planning for Personalities:
Considerations when selecting your Executor, Trustee or Agent

By Mark T. Coulter, Esquire
Estate Planning Attorney

My youngest son asked me the other day what people did for fun before the Internet. I glanced at the picture on the table of our six children, smiled, and evasively replied “We played games.” My family is my passion, as is true for most of my clients. With the joys of family, however, come the tension and disputes which are inevitable for people who spend a lifetime involved with one another. Selection of the people who will take care of us and our affairs when we are unable to do so is a central part of estate planning, and it is important to consider the practical realities of your own family dynamic because that lifetime of history will definitely impact the future success of your estate planning.

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The Basics of Managing a Supplemental Needs Trust

By Colin B. May, Esquire
Estate Planning Attorney

There are many public programs available in Pennsylvania to provide benefits to a loved one with special needs. While understanding the strict guidelines and rules of these programs can be a daunting task, many of these challenges can be overcome with proper accounting, tax, and estate guidance and planning. The area of estate planning provides a number of useful solutions for this purpose, and one particular tool is known as a “Supplemental Needs Trust.”  

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