About EPC

We started The Estate Planning Centers with several core goals and principals in mind.

First, we felt it was important to help our clients and prospective clients develop an understanding of how estate planning works. Armed with this knowledge, you are then empowered to see that the estate planning we do for you indeed satisfies your goals. Moreover, we believe that when you understand how your custom estate plan works, you are more likely to handle any maintenance of your plan which is required to keep it as effective as possible.

Second, we felt that too many lawyers and their clients were not developing a healthy and satisfactory professional relationship. We looked at the available research to identify the causes of that dissatisfaction, and pledged that we would not conduct ourselves in that fashion. We believe that it is a privilege to provide you with professional advice to assist your and your family to reach your planning goals. You deserve an attorney who not only can provide you with reliable documents, but further is responsive to your needs. We strive to achieve satisfaction for all of our clients, and promise that in addition to our professional advice tailored to your specific goals, situation and estate, you can and should expect to receive prompt responses to your questions and concerns, bills which reflect what was agreed upon from the start, and absolute privacy and confidentiality.

Third, we want to become your attorneys for advice, counseling and planning for all matters associated with Estate Planning and Elder law. To do that, we believe that we must provide you with excellent advice, promptly delivered and clearly communicated, and all the while keep your charges for professional time within the parameters of our initial agreement with you. We trust that you will indeed be fully satisfied with the service we provide to you, and hope that you will tell your friends and family. Word of mouth is our greatest tool to grow our practice at The EPC.

We have the experience, education and ability to provide you with excellent lifetime estate planning in a timely and efficient manner.