Estate Planning Deficiencies Check-Up

Every successful estate plan has certain key elements to protect your goals and interests, and meet the needs of your family if you become ill or pass away. Your understanding of your own plan is one of the first key elements, and yet most people don’t know if they have a plan which is poised to create success for their family.  The following checklist is a good way to spot-check whether you can rest easy, knowing that your plan is in good shape. If so, you should be able to answer Yes to each of these questions. If not, then perhaps it is time to quit putting off the talk any longer, and make an appointment to see us.

If you would like an evaluation of your check-up, then please contact us at (412) 253-7526 or through our website to request a complimentary consultation to discuss your own goals, concerns and strategies to accomplish estate success for your family. Then, you’ll know!